Aquarius Caribbean
Making an idea or dream reality is our daily motivation. With 35 years of experience in Europe and already 7 years of experience in the Caribbean, Aquarius Caribbean is your partner in the field of construction, development and project management. Within our companies we work according to European standards, which are adapted to the local amenities. Aquarius Caribbean will work with you to realize your dreams! Quality and trust are essential in this collaboration.

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Aquarius Constructions
Building your dream home, remodeling of an existing dwelling, or construction of another project is a major step. There is lot of preparation, and you are faced with situations and questions that are not common for you. Because of our long experience in both Europe and the Caribbean, we can guide you completely in this process. Building a house, apartment or other project is a constantly moving process, from paper to reality brings constant changes.

Quickly and efficiently
For this ever-changing process you need a flexible partner, one who can adapt quickly to all kind of changes. Aquarius Caribbean owns most building materials and storage space and makes us independent from others. In addition, our staff consist of architects, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, masons etc. therefore we don’t have to rely on subcontractors. Because of these advantages, we work quickly and efficiently and we can therefore immediately deploy our equipment and manpower where it is needed. Through good contacts with suppliers both locally and in Europe, we can also assist you with purchasing and ordering.

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Aquarius Real Estate
Aquarius Caribbean also has a number of plots and properties in its portfolio which are or will be developed. These projects are carried out in-house and then offered for lease or sale to our customers. Did one of our projects catch your eye? Explore our capabilities and view our beautiful projects.

Get inspired for your dream home. We will gladly answer all your questions and together find the best way to realize your dream. Make the first step towards a constructive partnership for your project and request more information.