The best way to get your bike radiantly clean again is to wash it with a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner! In no time your mountain bike will look like it has never been dragged through the mud.

Kärcher is the world leader in cleaning technology. With products such as high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, cleaning agents and water dispensers, Kärcher offers a wide range of innovative solutions, including accessories, advice and service.

Kärcher high pressure washers

Caribbean Fasteners is official dealer and service and repair center for Kärcher in Curaçao. With a very extensive range of machines and cleaning agents, Caribbean Fasteners offers high-quality products for both Curacao’s business community and individual consumers. In the store at Groot Davelaar or at your business location, the employees of Caribbean Fasteners can give you extensive advice about the use and applications of the Kärcher products. They are up to date with the latest technologies and products. Mechanics in the workshop know the ins & outs of the machines and take care of repairs when needed.

Kärcher High Pressure cleaning
Caribbean Fasteners officieel dealer Kärcher

Would you like to know more about Kärcher? Contact Caribbean Fasteners at (+5999) 737 6288 or The latest specials and product videos can be seen on Facebook.