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Kärcher Duo Xtreme 2018 – San Pedro

The Duo Xtreme has been known on Curacao for years as the MTB race of the year. Caribbean Fasteners has been the main sponsor of the event since 2018 with its brand Kärcher. Driving in duo teams and the tough but beautiful route through hilly Banda’bou ensure the unique character of this competition. Just like last year, the course starts and ends at Playa Hunku, an idyllic beach on the west coast of the island.

The upward trend is expected to continue in 2019 and to exceed the number of participants in previous years. Participants can choose between the short route of 50 kilometers and the long route of 70 kilometers.

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Long route Kärcher Duo Xtreme 2019

70 km route on Strava


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